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In 2014, Amani implemented a new program named Fit It First to reclaim blighted and/or vacant homes that can be rehabilitated and resold to a market of potential low-income homebuyers. Since Fix It First's inception, Amani has completed a total of four units.

3378 Webster (2).jpg

3378 Webster Ave. 

3380 Webster Ave (2).jpg

3380 Webster Ave. 

746 Clarissa (2).jpg

746 Clarissa St. 

3365 Milwaukee St..jpg

3365 Milwaukee St. (and adjacent parcel)

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Land Care for the URA 

Amani has always valued the landscaping and maintenance of the Hill District's community blighted areas. In 2015, we partnered with the Urban Redevelopment Authority to address this need. As a founding member of the Clean Green Hill Initiative, Amani has maintained a landscape and vacant lot maintenance program. We are currently a partner with the City of Pittsburgh and the City Cuts program as well as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Land Care Program. Our primary objective is to inspire and create a new public perception of the Hill District community by creating landscape and regularly maintained parcels where vacant lots have become overgrown with weeds and debris.

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