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Scattered Sites 2BR, 1.5 BATH.jpg

Scattered Sites 

Status: Under Construction

In partnership with Bridging the Gap Development, LLC. and Macedonia Development
Corporation, Amani is currently undertaking the Scattered Sites Project.
The Scattered Sites Project will create 22 affordable new construction townhome units
primarily along Cliff Street with four of the units located between Webster and Wylie
Avenue. The project will serve as infill development to eliminate vacant lots, trash
accumulation, and blighted properties while bringing in approximately $6.4 M of focused
community investment.
Amani will serve in the role of developer, managing all aspects of the project: due diligence, property acquisition, finance, design, approvals and permits, bidding and negotiation, construction, and management.
Upon completion, the HACP will own and manage the units and rent to tenants via their
Project-Based Voucher program.  All units are expected to be completed and delivered in 2025.

Scattered Sites: Programs
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